Have we arrived at the 21st Century, or has it arrived at us? Are we advancing as a
species, or retreating as a civilization? Are we responding to our panic about the
future by relaxing into a delusion that things haven't changed? Well friends, we
can only hold our inevitable metamorphosis off for so long, and the Ones Who
Would Not Evolve see their very stagnant reality crumbling away and rationalize
it with some deranged ancient myth of the End of Times. Those of us who know
how to use imagination a bit better go on with our good work and wait patiently
for the atrophied remains of this outdated and demented lingering reality to
relegate itself to history books. It will happen, because our work as the
Realizors of the Power of Imagination is not yet finished.

All this ranting may or may not have anything to do with the music tracks linked to
the players below, but it has definitely dwelt in my mind throughout the creation
of these new pieces. SchizoBrainiac is a sort of packaging module I've recently
devised through which to create and present these new and revised works, more
of which may be found on the music sharing site
SoundCloud, accessible by
clicking the links just below any of the players. A current version of Adobe
Flash may be essential. Depending on your internet connection, the
players may take a moment or so to load. Though if you actually
read all this up to now, you shouldn't have to wait. If desired,
you can also purchase selected tracks HERE.

Otherwise press play, scroll and enjoy. Welcome to the present.

Delirium Trimmings by SchizoBrainiac
Profound Oblivion by SchizoBrainiac
El Torero Arrogante by SchizoBrainiac
Wolfers 'n Tweeters by SchizoBrainiac
The Prince of Texarkana by SchizoBrainiac
The Harpscotch Butterfly Pudding Effect by SchizoBrainiac
Muconium09 by SchizoBrainiac
Starchild 4 4E by SchizoBrainiac